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Trickster (2017)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------The image of the fox has often strongly been related to the trickster in the Western world, and many elderly people do not like them. The fact the parasite Echinococcus uses foxes as part of its life cycle also gives the fox a bad reputation. This is a design featuring these aspects. Furthermore, in Finland, the aurora was derived from a Sami indigenous legend where it is called revontulet, or foxfire. It is said that while running through the North Pole, the fox’s tail will rub the snow, creating a spark that in turn becomes an aurora. Actually, there are also many dog legends which are very similar to this. One of them features a fox who stole from a dog. That is why on one side, the aurora pattern emphasizes the trickster nature of the fox, with a halcyon color tone.

Mediums: acrylic on paper

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