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​The Sun (2018)


The image spreads from the winged solar disk, turning into the main motif. The winged sun is a symbolic figure in ancient Near Eastern civilizations. It appears in various well-known relics such as the Sumerian cylinder seals, depictions of the Egyptian god Horus, but also in the symbol of the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda.
While various interpretations of this symbol exist, you could say that mine is an abstract representation of the existence of God and of this vehicle, used since ancient times to confer his existence. This vehicle, expressed through the sun disk, was designed using various ancient illustrations, concepts, religious icons, compositions, and other symbols coming together as a motif. Although it was a simple matter to summarize as a work of art, it is not my intention to create works that only make sense within a story. In this case, I mainly emphasized the pure impact that the work’s appearance would have on the viewer. To those who felt something from it, I hope you enjoyed my interpretation through the hints of its many details.

Mediums: oil, acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 51.5cm x 72.8cm

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