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 Sky Chariot (2018)


The aurochs, a colossal animal bearing two great horns, extinct in 1627, is the ancestor of the cow. Depicted in the Lascaux mural paintings 15,000 years ago, they were considered especially sacred in ancient times. Throughout the myths of the world, gods have fought against other gods, with structures depicting bulls, snakes or dragons standing out prominently. Interestingly, snake gods appear as snakes first and foremost, whereas bulls provide elements that are added or borrowed from. So sometimes those gods bear two contradicting properties at the same time that go against each other. Therefore, I was brought to the interpretation that a bull is not a god in and of itself, but rather a symbolic object. A good match would be for example a Serpent God portrayed as a dragon bearing cattle elements, such as horns. Also, as opposed to the serpent, which remains on various relics and symbols used until the modern age, the bull is associated in modern times as a symbol of strength, as portrayed through the helmets of warriors and Vikings. That is why this work achieves significance through making the godly figure of a valiant bull.

Mediums: acrylic on paper

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