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Japanese Ghost Hunting (2016)


In a large sense, the occult also includes ghost and horror stories, and I really enjoy books and pictures of this nature. Among them, I am particularly fond of real ghost stories and folklore. Lately, I wish that Hiroyuki Takahashi directed a reboot of Lafcadio Hearn’s ghost stories, but I also think that horror and historical drama are very compatible. This piece came about as a result of fantasies born from this hobby. In China, jiangshi are countered with kung-fu, so Japan will oppose obake with samurai. However, after considering that supernatural powers would be necessary for a samurai to exterminate a demon that doesn’t have a physical body, I included some Sci-Fi elements to this design.

Mediums: acrylic on paper

Dimensions: 36.4cm x 51.5cm

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