Koushin Yamada

Fine Artist / Painting Origami Artist

Koushin Yamada was born in 1985, in the Fukuoka prefecture. Rather than being attracted to the traditional paintings owned by his father, an art dealer, during his upbringing in Tokyo, it is in manga that he found his interest, and first aimed to become a manga artist. 
He won a prize in the publication Weekly Shonen Jump, and his manga earned him many fans. However, he chose to turn away from a manga career and pursue art that expressed his true individuality. He made the decision to get into Art School in order to improve his ability to express what was in his mind.
Afterwards, he learned by himself, accumulating several works in the process. In a state of poverty, and without the opportunity to exhibit his work, as if possessed by a frenzy, he produced art tirelessly with the sole purpose of convincing himself.
Taking a detour in his life, he pursued various interests. All of these interests sublimated as a motif that led to the paranormal interpretations that serve as the core theme of his work.
Furthermore, each motif can be logically decomposed, and their core essence can be extracted. This essence is transformed by a unique interpretation, after which it is intuitively applied to the medium.
His manga background manifests itself, and infuses his work with a unique characteristic. Lately, he set out towards new boundaries in order to explore the significance of deriving the work from the motif. 

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