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Draconian (2017)


If you like the occult, you’ve surely heard of the reptilians, also known as lizard people. The draconians or saurians, are a tribe similar to the reptilians, and are rumored to be the greatest intellectual life forms and the most ancient beings in the galaxy. There is also a theory that the ancient emperors of Japan were of the same bloodline as the draconians, based on the writings of the Sendai Kuji Hongi. It is the source of a certain kind of motif amongst the occult. In this work, I made the draconian with the idea of giving it a Sci-Fi series cartoon character vibe. There is much popular entertainment based on myths and the occult, including the Bible, around the world. While many conspiracy theory subliminal effects have been pointed out, I would expect that some works have been hidden due to their attempt to disclose the truth.

Mediums: Mac, photoshop

Print size: 21.0cm x 29.7cm (A4)

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