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Dogu As Visitor From Outer Space (2018)


Here is a work that represents the "spaceman" clay figurine from the Jomon Period. It bears a number of mysterious designs which could be called bizarre, and the subject which could have inspired a Japanese person to reproduce this likeness is still shrouded in mystery. One is captivated the longer they look at this unique design, and although the clay figurine was damaged at the moment of its excavation, it is strongly believed that it was used as a prayer or fortune telling tool to predict disasters. Even so, we can sense an external motif in the craftsmanship and design of this figurine, born through the rapidly developing arts of the clay furnace. Based on historical ancient times, the identity of the models struck me as a fusion of indigenous Jomon culture pantheon, such as the gods Arahabaki, Seori Tsuhime, Uke Mochi, and so on. Lastly, as the proof of the existence emerging as the root of its mystery is kept in my private research, in the work, I expressed the multi-faceted appeal of the clay figurine by emphasizing its mysterious silhouette.

Mediums: Mac, photoshop

Print size: 21.0cm x 29.7cm (A4)

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